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Mission Statement

Navratil International provides software development strategies for software publishers and companies writing internal applications.  We empower our customers with disciplined, repeatable development processes that result in higher-quality products, lower development costs, and much lower implementation and support costs.

We have a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to our customers.  We seek to establish long-term relationships with partners and customers, and believe that honesty and integrity are key to our success.

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Benefits We Provide Our Customers

The following summarizes the benefits that one should expect from implementing the Navratil International Lean Software Development methodology: 

Superior Quality - This approach results in a significant increase in the quality of the software, documentation, training material and marketing collateral material.  This is due to its heavy reliance on testing.  Lean Software Development organizations continually challenge the quality of their deliverables at every phase of the development process.  Requirements, designs, documentation and software are continually tested against what the user demands. Software is written, integrated, and checked out daily with a set of tests developed before the first line of code is written.    

Reduced Time-to-Market - A sizeable reduction in product time-to-market results due to standardized development processes, a better understanding of customers’ needs, efficient knowledge transfer techniques, and improved project planning, control and execution.  

Improved Customer Satisfaction - Increased product quality, focus on customer needs, and reduced time-to-market lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Significant Cost Reduction - Standardized development and implementation processes along with efficient knowledge transfer result in a major reduction in development, implementation and support costs. 

Increased Employee Enthusiasm and Satisfaction - Higher levels of employee satisfaction and enthusiasm result when the following exists:  A knowledgeable development team, with a solid understanding of what their customers need, repeatedly and reliably provide it in a timely fashion.

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Who We Are

Navratil International focuses its efforts in the following areas:

Software Process Improvement Strategies

Based on the work that we have performed over the last 25 years, we have created software development processes that result in high-quality products, lower development costs, and much lower implementation and support costs. The approach is built on disciplined, repeatable processes accompanied by efficient knowledge transfer.  Our development and implementation processes are tailored to our customers' organizations and focus on satisfying their unique needs.  

The overview of Building a Lean Software Development Organization, found on the White Papers page of this web site, provides a detailed description of our approach.

Software Development Services   

We provide hands-on software development services including requirements definition, design, testing, documentation, marketing collateral material, training material and detailed test scenarios that ensure the product meets the expectations of the target markets. We work with partners to provide technical design and coding services.

Internationalization and Localization

We have assisted many of our customers to define international requirements, develop functional designs and create test cases that deal with Multi-Currency Invoicing, Translation of Financial Statements (per U.S. FASB 52, U.K. SSAP20 and IAS 21), Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), and Draft Processing for France and Spain.  In addition, we offer detailed white papers that describe the specific changes that need to be made to U.S. software packages to make them marketable overseas.

After many years of consulting, we have found that there are no quick and easy solutions to developing and implementing software. Our approach embodies a common-sense methodology that begins with a clear, concise statement of the business requirement. To accomplish this we invest in understanding not only what features a user wants from his software, but also exactly how he intends to use it.  

During the requirements phase we build a business model that mirrors the set of critical business scenarios that the user requires.  We expand the details of this model during the development and testing phases to include critical inputs and results.  Where appropriate, we make use of spreadsheets to ensure that complex business calculations are properly computed under a variety of real-world situations.  Finally, we select a subset of these detailed test scenarios to form the basis of formal user training and tutorials.  

Just as accurate customer requirements and a solid understanding of how the customer will actually use the software are critical elements for successful product development, these same attributes are just as important for successful implementations.  We believe software implementations lend themselves well to disciplined, repeatable processes that minimize costs, reduce surprises, and lead ultimately to successful implementations.

Our Customers

Our typical customer is a software company with 25-500 people.  Typically, they are in the process of making major enhancements to their software and need to expand temporarily their senior development staff, or they have decided that it is time to improve the way in which they approach software development.  

Many of our customers come to us because they realize that they need a proven development strategy that is uniquely appropriate for them.  They also desire to improve the quality of their product, reduce their development and support costs, and do a better job of consistently meeting development deadlines.  Mr. Navratil's 25 years in the software business has provided Navratil International good insight into these areas.  There are very few issues relating to the development of software that we have not encountered before.  Many of our customers have benefited from our help in defining and setting up a disciplined approach to software development.  

Other customers search us out because they realize that they do not understand the needs of their end users, and do not have a process in place to translate customer requirements into clear, concise, unambiguous business rules. We have worked with many software companies, and we have a solid understanding of the needs of the U.S. and international markets.

We have had many customers who were expanding into the international market.  We  have assisted them in defining requirements, preparing designs, test cases, white papers and marketing material.

Navratil International tends to have customers for many years and in most cases establishes a mentor/protégé relationship with our key customer contacts.  We spend a considerable amount of time assisting our customers in better managing their resources and creating repeatable development processes.

Usually, a company decides to work with us either because they have worked with us in the past, or we have been recommended by a current or past customer. 

Prospective Customers' Typical Questions

The following are typical questions that illustrate the type of customer challenges with which we deal:

We are a small software company that has been very successful up to now in developing our products.  We are now becoming a victim of our sales success. Even though our product has high quality, we accomplish this based on the significant efforts of a small number of senior developers who have been with us for many years.  How do we formalize our development approach to train new staff when all of the product knowledge resides with a few key individuals who do not have the time to do their work and at the same time train others? 

We have many customer support questions dealing with how the product works. Our product is robust with many features and options, but there are very few of our employees who truly understand how the product actually functions at a detail level.  We have very little detailed documentation that explains the product.  Can you help us improve the quality of our product documentation and improve the way in which we transfer knowledge to our staff and customers?

We have many usability issues with our software product. Our customers believe that we do not understand how they actually use our software. Can you help us define a development approach that builds this critical input into the early stages of our development process?

We are not doing a good job of completing our software projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  We also are concerned with low development productivity.  Can you help us develop a disciplined, repeatable, process that allows us to do a better job in meeting our commitment dates to our customers?

When we hire new staff (i.e., developers, trainers, marketing, sales support, and customer service) it is very expensive and very time-consuming to bring their product knowledge up to the level it needs to be. Can you help us develop better education and training material for our internal staff?

Our customers complain that we have a software quality problem.  They also are not happy with the time it takes to receive software fixes for critical problems. We have a large support and development staff, yet we still are falling behind our goals to improve customer service. Can you help us significantly improve the quality of our product and the timeliness of our customer support? 

We are thinking about expanding internationally in the near future. Can you help us define requirements and assist us in the development of the enhancements necessary to support our overseas customers?  

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John B. Navratil - Founder

Mr. Navratil, president of Navratil International, has spent the last 25 years researching, designing, developing and writing about software for the U.S. and international market. Mr. Navratil has traveled widely to research country-specific accounting requirements, and has authored many documents on such topics as software development processes, multi-currency processing, financial statement translation, tax processing and the euro.

Mr. Navratil has spent many years analyzing complex financial and accounting issues related to doing business in the United States, Western Europe, the Americas and the Far East.  During this period he developed considerable expertise in translating complex business processes into clear, concise, unambiguous business rules. He used that knowledge to assist software vendors design, test and implement software for the U.S. and international markets. 

Along the way Mr. Navratil turned his attention from analyzing specific processes and developing specific solutions, to developing a strategic, process-driven solution to the way in which software vendors approach the development of their software.  Mr. Navratil's focus shifted from developing specific answers to specific questions to developing a methodology that would fundamentally change the way in which companies approached developing software.

Mr. Navratil received his B.A. in International Relations in 1970 from the University of Wisconsin, and graduated in 1971 from the Russian Language Studies program at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.  From 1973 through 1976, Mr. Navratil completed several graduate degree programs at the University of Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland, and in 1978 he obtained his M.B.A. in Finance and Management from the University of Wisconsin.

Mr. Navratil served in the U.S. Army from 1970 to 1973 as a Russian-language trained interrogator.

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